Miami Secret: The Kampong

Yes folks, this is Miami, Florida, USA (not some far-off tropical island)

The Kampong
The Kampong Botanical Garden

Some locals will recognize the Fairchild family name, which belongs to the namesake of the city’s largest tropical botanic garden. What most Miamians don’t know, is that his nine-acre home off of Main Highway in Coconut Grove is also a sight to behold, brimming with thousands of plant species from all over the world. As you walk into the Spanish and South East Asian-inspired estate, you’re greeted with undulating banyan trees, rolling lawns and one of the best views of Biscayne Bay in the city. The air is quiet there, completely detached from the rest of the city, and the Kampong is home to one of the largest salt-water mangrove forests in the area.

A hidden oasis in metropolitan Miami

The Kampong is one of the jewels of South Florida, full of history, beauty, and biological richness. Your tour unfolds through visits to sites and plantings at this fascinating garden. This is the former estate of David Fairchild, an early “Indiana Jones” type explorer who traveled throughout Southeast Asia and other tropical locales to gather exotic plants and introduce them to the U.S. As they were fascinated by the plants, so were the Fairchilds charmed by the cultures of the region, which was reflected in the design of their home. The garuda statue that David and his wife, the daughter of Alexander Graham Bell, collected during a voyage to the Dutch East Indies, the archway of the main house, and other features still beguile those who come here today.

You can tour the garden at your own pace, or with a resident guide. For more information on tours visit Kampong Tours .

Location: 4013 Douglas Road, Coconut Grove, Miami

Reservations required: or 305-442-7169


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