Peace Love World - The Clothes That Give You Life
Peace Love World - The Clothes That Give You Life

 Peace Love World

Peace Love World is a luxury-lifestyle brand based in Miami, Fla. The first Peace Love World retail store opened in South Miami in 2009 with additional stores quickly following. Our mission is to spread Peace Love & Happiness wherever & whenever we can. Peace and Love are the fundamental forces that lead to Happiness. This trinity puts you on the path to enlightenment. 
Love is the key element. The ability to love another, selflessly and whole-heartedly, is the greatest and most rewarding experience one can have. And to receive love, to be open with your heart, ready & worthy of another’s love, is the greatest blessing. One must love him or herself before loving another. Love is the fuel that gives birth to hope, compassion, faith, & sacrifice. From the eternal well-spring of Love, all things come. Always remember: It’s all about Luv.

Love leads to Peace. Practice peace unto others and you will experience that same peace in return. The alternative only leads to anger, frustration, and ultimately war. One must continually develop & cultivate his or her own quest for inner-peace in order to achieve outer-peace. Peace from within leads to peace from without. Through this reciprocity, the human spirit can attain a state of true harmony.  

If Peace & Love are the foundation of your beliefs and guiding principles, Happiness is sure to follow. Happiness is not just a sense of being or a response to outside forces; it is not a selfish pursuit at all. Happiness is a way of being, a way of viewing the world and interacting with it. Happiness can be spread to anyone, even those who are not at peace, and do not feel the power of love in their own lives.

With a polite smile or a thoughtful gesture, you can spread happiness, no matter how fleeting, to even the grumpiest malcontent. Spreading happiness is not just an idea; it is an obligation. It is our mission.

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Naked Zebra
, based in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles’ fashion district, first launched its collection in the spring of 2009. We have been committed to designing and producing the highest quality fashion forward trends to our customers ever since. The Naked Zebra collection consists of a covetable range of clothing that is accessible, easy-to- wear yet always fashion-forward, putting a modern twist on classic closet essentials. Naked Zebra’s collection features everything from flattering blouses to trendy tanks and beautiful dresses in a rainbow of vibrant colors. The simple offbeat details in our high quality, fabulous touch fabrics will allow you to express your true classy personality and make an instant fashion statement. Naked Zebra takes pride in sourcing and producing our own fabrics. Our customers will feel the finest fabric touch when wearing any one of our fashionable pieces. We will continue to stride, develop and design new forward thinking fashion trends to our clients, so stay tuned…

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Michal Negrin - CouponMichal Negrin – upscale affordable luxury, our exquisite creations reflect a captivating and exclusive style.  Michal Negrin is a unique international brand, offering original hand-crafted jewellery, fashion and home décor. Since inception at a market stall in 1988 in Tel Aviv, the Michal Negrin Brand is famous all over the world today, and continues to expand in far corners around the globe. With a crew of over 500 employees and more than 65 international concept stores in many countries, Michal Negrin stores offer a unique experience, attracting shoppers with our exclusive fragrances, music and magical atmosphere.  Twice a year Michal Negrin offers two major, and two mini collections in four categories: Classic, Lace, Movement and Vintage. All of our collections are hand-crafted, combining Swarovski crystals and offering large scale color combinations.

Michal Negrin’s design is recognized and admired for its distinct unique signature’. Michal’s creations are timeless – and always remain fashionable. Michal Negrin offers that “something special” time and again – and we invite you to embrace our world of fantasy optimism and “happiness” creations all over the world.

Michal Negrin’s Mission
Our Mission is to inspire women on every continent and in every country on the planet. By continually creating enchanting jewellery, fashion and home décor items, hand-crafted by masters from the finest materials, we enable our customers to express their unique individuality and style.

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